Compact Ceramic Space Heater


Compact ceramic heaters are the perfect choice when you have a smaller home and you want to move the heater from room to room frequently. This heater is lightweight and small so that you can move it around easily. Whilst it's not designed to heat up an entire room, it is a highly effective personal heater.

- Design: The Douhe QN02 is a sleek and modernistic device that would enhance any office decor and still keep you comfortably warm. Its attractive design would let you display it proudly on top of a desk.

- Portable: You will not have any trouble moving it or picking it up with one hand since it weighs only 2.42 pounds (1.1 kg).

- Cool Exterior: It features a cool-touch exterior, which dramatically reduces the risk of being burned if accidentally touching it.

- Fast Heating: This space heater starts emitting heat in only 2 seconds so you can heat the area around your workspace.

Product Details