Non-Toxic Electric Mosquito Killer Lamp


Do you have an annoying mosquito infestation at home? Do not panic. Let Douhe MW03 take care of the problem for you. It is a simple and effective mosquito killer trap for home or outdoor use.

- Chemical Free: This device works without the need of chemicals. If you are conscious about personal or environmental health, it is one of the best mosquito killers to use.

- Efficient Trap: Ingenious two-way system that works well in all situation. The UV bulbs attracts mosquitoes from far, then its fan-powered vacuum sucks mosquitoes into a cage where they dehydrate and die.

- Sweet Nights: It is smokeless, odorless, and has whisper quiet system that does not irritate people at night. Can easily be placed nearby your bed and enjoy mosquito free resting nights.

- USB Powered: Can be charge with any USB devices (laptop, powerbank, etc.) and be used everywhere you go.

Product Details