Aromatherapy Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser 200ml


The Douhe oil diffuser is simple and sturdy, but it also looks very classy. It will harmonize with any décor at your office or home and any other place you want a lovely unit with a fragrance for all to enjoy.

- Materials: It is made of Bisphenol A (BPA)-free plastic so there are no toxins for degrading of the durable heavy plastic.

- LED Light: The color-changing lights are vibrant, but not overbearing.

- Design: This diffuser is small and unobtrusive compared to the others we reviewed – a mere 5.9” W x 5.3” H. Its appearance is very sleek and modern, so it’s good for when you want to run a diffuser in a visible location like in a spa or at the office.

- Very Quiet: It is so quiet compare to the sounds made by the atomizer sound of other diffusers.

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